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Who is on this UKIP NEC that refused to accept Farage's non-resignation?

Farage claims the UKIP NEC is elected by the members. Click on

I count 21 members. The UKIP constitution specifies 12 to be elected on a 3 year rolling schedule ie 4 per year. So less than 60% member elected. Mr Farage is thus being very economical with the truth when he describes UKIP NEC as elected by the members.

Here they are as on the UKIP website:


Nigel-Farge.jpg  SJCrowther.gif  andrewreid.jpg hughwilliams.jpg
Nigel FarageParty Leader Steve Crowther
Party Chairman
Andrew ReidTreasurer
Ex officio
Hugh Williams
Ex officio
MattRichardson.gif jonathanarnott.gif  davidcoburn.jpg MickMcGough.gif
Matthew RichardsonParty Secretary
Ex officio
Jonathan Arnott
 David CoburnMEP 
Mick McGough(2012-2015)
PiersWauchope.jpg Rob_McWhirter.jpg  Andrew-Moncreiff-3a.jpg tomburstall.jpg
Piers Wauchope
 Rob McWhirter
  Andrew Moncreiff(2013-2016)  Tom Bursnall
Adrianne-Smyth.jpg GeorgeCurtis.gif alanbown.gif NeilHamilton.jpg
Adrianne Smyth(2013-2016) George Curtis
 Alan Bown
 Neil Hamilton
 CarolineJones.jpg  JohnBickley.jpg  RajChandran.jpg
Marion Mason(2014-2017)  Caroline Jones
 John Bickley
 Raj Chandran(2015)
David Sprason UKIP Councillors
Six are due to retire this year, 2015. NEC Elections are usually held in mid April but given the election it would not be unreasonable to defer the elections until mid May. So when is the 2015 election going to be held?

Why does UKIP need 2 treasurers? 

Where does the UKIP Councillors Association occur in the UKIP constitution?  What is its relation to UKIP?  Including Sprason there are 8 ex-officio members. Chandran, Bown, Curtis,  Wauchope, Bursnall and McGough are elected members who should stand down this year, 6 in total but only 4 can be re-elected.

It all looks a bit of a shambles but not worth botthering about until you realise this is the group that unresigned Farage.

Five of the above are Farage nominees so presumably will do as Farage tells them. The two MEPs are paid employees of the EU. Great for a party that claims it wants to leave the EU.

Only the member elected representatives are entitled to vote so how many of them rejected the dodgy resignation? How many of them were even at the relevant meeting?

These questions are all unanswered but meanwhile Farage is snarling and aggressive at all who dare question him and demanding "very, very strong disciplinary action against the plotters". No evidence has been produced by Farage as to who these plotters are. Farage has quite simply lost the plot and looks like he needs a break as Carswell suggests. Having Farage carrying on in this autocratic  delusional manner is losing UKIP voters hand over fist. Nobody will vote for an angry old man which is what Farage is now looking like. For the sake of UKIP he should now take a long break. If not, why not?

A dodgy resignation followed by temper tantrums is no way to lead a political party.

Just watched 10pm TV. Farage interviewed by Sun on Sunday says he wants to remain UKIP leader until 2036. Carswell on BBC news calling for Farage to take a break and for UKIP to have a more.collegiate leadership. Looks like plenty of battles ahead,

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