Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Whoever forms the next government democracy is the loser

Postal voting on demand is wide open to abuse. It was brought in by Labour in 200. I raised this in our local area but the CS plod in charge of Yeovil plus the CPS did not wish to act on my complaint. The authorities reaction was similar to  Rothereham young girl abuse by Pakistani origin men. The three wise monkeys sums it up, see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil as it was in the recent Tower Hamlets electoral corruption. Police, the electoral commision were cowed by the threat of racism accusations and its bastard off spring Islamophobia

How did we get there given Churchill defined democracy as a man in polling booth with a voting slip and a pencil. In 1999 a undistinguished  Labour MP, Howarth, chaired a committee which recommended,

  • Absent voting should be allowed on demand
  • The application and voting procedures for absent voting should be simplified

  • The excuse was that this would raise turnout but this does not seemed to have happened. The reason was sordid party politics. Labour thought it would benefit them electorally. The Representation of the People Act 2000 passed by the Blair government  implemented the recommendation.

    Muslim practice is for votes to be controlled by the male head of the family, male self appointed community leaders call it what you will but its what happened in Tower Hamlets. Put this along with postal votes on demand and our hard won democracy and returning us to the Middle Ages pre the Reform Acts of the 1830s. This suits Labour very well as the pictures below of a recent political meeting in Birmingham shows.


    Note how the women are segregated and crammed in compared to the men. And who addressed the meeting? Look below,


    The white faces are Tom Watson, Labour's witch hunter general, Liam, we've spent all the money, Byrne and Jack Dromey better known as Harriet Harman's husband. Dromey was picked off a supposedly all candidate women list and Harriet is a vocal supporter of women's rights. Very strange indeed.

    I do not care who wins this election. I do care about our democracy. These Labour hypocrits are under mining our democracy and I don't know what we can do about it. They are simply pandering to the Muslim block vote. Do we want to end up like Pakistan with endemic political corruption and assassination? I don,t want that for my country.


    Sue said...

    Postal voting should be for those who cannot possibly leave the house for any reason.

    Eric Edmond said...

    Sue, I completely agree. I am glad La Evans, not my favourite female, raised this in her spiel yesterday 2 pm with andrew Neil.

    Eric E