Thursday, 25 June 2015

The EU is a political construct

The Common Market was set up by leaders scarred by two European wars in little more than 30 years to prevent such conflicts ever happening again. The De Gaulle Adenauer deal signed in early 1963 was the key step to the formation of the EU from the common market set up by the Rome treaty in 1957. It established the ruling Franco Prussian  axis which still runs the EU. It was a political deal designed to keep power in the hands of a self perpetuating political elite and away from the Communist/Nazi supporting plebs better described as common sense ordinary people.

The European Coal & Steel Community treaty was signed earlier in 1951 by the original 6 members of the subsequent Common Market. It had limited  economic success and required the further political powers of the Common Market to progress. This has been a recurrent theme in the EU ever since. Limited economic success was claimed to require more political integration to succeed. A complete lie It was a naked political power grab then as it is today where the same tactic is still being used. Just like the Labour party pre and post Blair that failed to get elected because it was not left wing enough so the EU, economic schemes fail not because they are economically flawed but because of the lack of proper EU political integration.

I have heard that well known leftie Diane Abbott say several times how shocked she was to find when on a UK parliamentary group considering the Euro that the currency was a political dream and had little economic underpinning before she got back into the BBC funded black cab to take her safely home through the mean streets of Hackney.

The economic arguments wheeled out by politicians and fat cat businees men on the EU gravy train are bogus red herrings designed to scare and distract the opposition. The admirable Richard North spends much effort on rebutting these diversionary attacks. Our real attack however must be on our loss of sovereignty given away by our so called political leaders these last 45 years and we must win that political fight. The EU is over reaching itself in the Ukraine. The Yanks know this hence they are sending their military to bolster the Ukrainian government. This shows how much a paper tiger the EU with all its high representatives is. The Russians saw off the two finest, biggest most battle hardened armies, Napoleon's Grand Armee and Hitler's Panzers, that the world has ever seen and ended up taking Napoleon's Paris and Hitlers Berlin. Putin is well capable of doing the same again to Paris & Berlin. Provided we keep out of it this could be a blessing for the UK but never understimate the capacity of Blair's heirs to get our sons killed in wars that we don't have to fight.


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You really need to learn to use punctuation.

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Grateful for any corrections you suggest