Friday, 26 June 2015

Cameron's sham EU Referendum

A UK government memo leaked to the Guardian has published Cameron's duplicitous position on the EU.

It is as Carswell said months ago  a sham negotiation. It explains why as Andrew Neil has frequently noted the exceedingly modesr nature of Cameron's demands. His aim is to scare the UK into voting to stay in the EU using the same fear tactics that worked in the Scottish referendum including our monarch, Betty von Battenburg, showing her partiality for the establishment status quo as she did in Scotland. Above politics she is not and she is no doubt purring to all her and her husbands German relations right now.

The note, which is a leaked account of a private meeting between the prime minister and a fellow EU leader, states: “He believes that people will ultimately vote for the status quo if the alternatives can be made to appear risky.”

It will be a fear, uncertainty and doubt campaign supported by our now very political Queen. 

'In a passage likely to be seized on by Eurosceptics, the note says Cameron told his counterpart that his “firm aim was to was to keep the UK in the EU”, highlighting the country’s importance in areas including foreign policy and defence.'
That means sending UK troops to die in the Ukraine when the EU manages to provoke Putin enough.

 “The PM said that he had deliberately not produced a lengthy shopping list and had been careful in formulating his wish list, but he needed to get satisfaction on these reform demands. He said that he needed to win the middle ground and, if he is to achieve this, then moderate people needed to feel that the things that bother them about the EU have been dealt with.”

Cameron also made clear there would be consequences of leaving the EU, which he described as a “one-way ticket, not a return”. He said an exit would have an impact on Britain’s access to the single market and on its standing in the world.
“We would need to weigh up very carefully the consequences of no longer being inside the EU and its single market, as a full member,” he said then. “Continued access to the single market is vital for British businesses and British jobs.”
Our PM is as much in Dr Frau Merkel's handbag as Milliband was in Alex Salmond's top pocket in the famous General Election 'scare' cartoon.
Cameron is not negotiating for us he is selling us out to the EU and trying to repeat Wislon's 1975 con. Thank goodness he is not as clever as Wilson.
We will now see what Farage is made of but don't be too disappointed when he turns out to be an EU mole.
Only Carswell and the other Tory eurosceptics can now save our country from becoming a vassal state of the Fourth Reich.

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