Sunday, 28 June 2015

BBC bias

The BBC is a rabidly pro EU organisation so much so it is often called the Brussels Broadcasting corporation. Today, Sunday 28th June I watched Richard Branson given the softest of soft interviews by the Europhile Marr. Branson harked back to his early days with Virgin records circa 1972 when he claimed there was a 33% inport and export tariff on his crumby records to the ECC. Did we want to go back to those bad old days he asked. Talk about erecting a straw man! By the wayBranson 95% plus of music is now bought on line over the net. Nobody has bought vinyl for over 30 years Expect lots more of this.

On exit from the EU we would of course enter into trade deals with individual countries suited to our economy not the Franco German economy! The stay in spokesmen will continue to get easy interviews whils thos wanting to leave will be subject to the shrill frequent interuptions from the Europhile Cockburn woman that Andrew Neil keeps on his show for some reason I cannot comprehend.

Farage was on the Sunday AN show after Theresa May on the horrific slaughter of innocent British tourists in Tunisia by an Islamic fanatic. I remember two years ago being on a cruise ship due to visit Sousse. A former British Ambassador to Tunisia was also on the ship and despite his assurances the country was  safe I said I would not go ashore. I knew from living in Sudan how out of touch the FCO was with the Muslim Brothers another Islamic fundamentalist organisation. In any event it was too rough for the ship to dock so the Ambassador and I remained on good terms.

Farage did OK on the AN show on Tunisia and other Islamic and immigration problems but got trapped by AN into indicating he would not be averse to leading the leave campaign. Sweet music in Cameron's ears. Farage's involvement would ensure an 'In' vote.

Ten years ago I told the late Malcolm Wood the Euro would inevitably fall apart. Given the current Greek situation my prediction is looking more secure. The Greeks have had a worse depression than the USA in the early 30s. The colleagues consider this a price worth paying to save their 'grande projet'. Callous and sickening.

Glad to see Farage picking up Del's suggestion that the Italian government could easily solve most of its immigrant problems by giving them Italian passports valid over the whole EU including of course the UK. It will happen as the Italians become more desperate.

We need an Oz type immigration policy. As their PM said if you are looking for an Islamic paradise you are not going to find it in Australia. Would that Cameron would say the same. It would help relieve the pressure on our hard pressed security.

I cannot be the only one to have noticed these so called refugees at Calais are all fit well clothed and shod young men. I saw no women or children.  I have seen refugees from the 25 year Sudan North South war and they looked emaciated, clothed in rags accompanied by lots of skin and bone women and children. These guys at Calais are not refugees. So where do they gat the money from to pay the people smugglers? One Islamic organisation that has plenty of dosh is ISIS. After Tunisia we should be very worried these refugees are not ISIS moles.


This was the Reuters headline Branson's illogical remark generated

Leaving the EU would set Britain back 50 years, says Virgin's Branson

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