Monday, 29 June 2015

UKIP homeless

Thus reads the headline in Guido today

Cash-strapped UKIP are homeless and senior staff are being forced to work from home after the party was booted out of its plush Mayfair HQ. They will need to find somewhere else where staff will be able to “regularly take their clothes off and compile lists of people they would like to have sex with”.
Speculation centres on the suggestion that the owner of the offices, UKIP donor Andrew Reid, ordered them to move out last week after a bust up over the dire state of the party’s finances.
Despite raking in millions in cushy donations before the election, Guidounderstands the coffers are bare and multiple sources report that some employees and contractors have not been paid for months.
“Boxes have been packed up and we’re working from home” says a UKIP source, confirming “we’re in the process” of finding a new base. Not easy when you’re broke…
Welcome to Nigel's new professional party, a financial shambles but hey who cares? Nigel and his sycos are paid by that nice Mr Juncker who never runs out of money.
Pity the poor UKIP pensioners who have been contributing their tenners to Farage's UKIP cult. Its just like these US preacher cults. I can save UKIP members a lot of money. When Farage comes round with his begging bowl ask for proof of  how much Nigel is contributing.
UKIP is morally as well as financially broke. 

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