Thursday, 2 July 2015

EU bullying of the Greeks is a consequence of Greek loss of sovereignty

The lessons for the UK are plain to see. The Europhile weasel words that giving up our sovereignty will be good for us is now exposed as a lie. Loss of control of your currency is equally bad and hands control of your countries finances to Juncker and his dodgy mid-European cronies that they call colleagues.

The Greeks wanted into the Euro to stop the rampant inflation they had with the drachma. They are now finding that mass unemployment and austerity is worse than inflation. But the Greeks are not the only people to be lured down this primrose path. We in the UK, did exactly the same thing for the same reasons when Heath finding he could not run the UK handed control of our country to Brussels as being preferable to having our country run by the trade unions. Better I would say to have our country run by British trade unionists that came from our working class than the Franco Prussion undemocratic, unelwected political elite.

This is still the attitude in England. Look at Democracy Forum to see the proliferation of anti leftie comments. The UK working class have always been patriots. Those who have betrayed our country, Philby, Burgess, MacClean etc came from the Old Etonian dominated political elite. At the top of that pyramid there is Betty von Battenburg  with more German blood than Anglo Saxon who sabotaged the SNP referendum and is now selling us out to the EU and her husband's numerous  German cousins. Diana Spencer said just before she tragically died , "The Germans got me". She knew what the von Battenburgs were.

Its not the working class that is selling us down the river to the EU its our leaders, political, religous, military and cultural. Nothing short of revolution will free as. The French had theirs in the late 18th century, the Russians theirs in the early 20th century time for us to have ours and lets finish the job Cromwell started in the mid 17th century but never finished.

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