Wednesday, 1 July 2015

UKIP & Farage have a credibility problem

Or to put it in the common vernacular following the Farage resigns then unresigns saga, Evans is fired and then unfired. No sensible person can then believe a word UKIP says. That is a huge self inflicted problem for a party and a party leader. I have no doubt both of these originate with Farage who has the strange belief that to put the prefix 'un' in front of an action reverses the action. I first came across this strange use of language at an NEC meeting about 6 years ago when Farage threatened to have a UKIP member 'unwhipped'. I did point out to Farage that UKIP did not have a whipping system like a  traditional political party at that time. Farage, supported by his sycos, simply ploughed on ignoring the bleeding obvious. Perhaps Ms Whiplash could tell us what unwhipping is?.

So when some Faragista posts a video clip of Nigel recommending UKIP not to take the Short money for party funding click below to watch and claim this makes Farage a man you can trust I say Ho Hum.

Note the use of the weasel words "My recommendation" that will enable Farage to slide out of this commitment and blame it on the UKIP NEC which he of course 100% controls.

Carswell of course has already said he will not take the 'Short' money. He would then have to appoint Farage approved Faragista staff on that money in his office. Carswell is no fool besides he knows how stupid and incompetent most Faragistas are. Saying I agree with Nigel often and loudly is all that is needed to secure preferment in UKIP.

Farage and his MEPs have of course no problems themselves about taking EU money. Unfortunately Farage has the bad habit of losing his MEPs to other parties. I wonder why? Bashir seems to have joined the Tories and Atkinson Miss LePen's French Front National. Its early days yet and I expect many more UKIP MEP defections before the next 2019 Euro elections.

Watch what Farage does with his own dosh and don't fall for his bullshit talk with your hard earned money.

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