Thursday, 30 July 2015

Farage's deficiencies now showing as EU Referendum Campaign starts

Today's DT headline reads, "Farage to No campaigners: Get off your backside or lose." What hypocrisy! Farage has spent the last 10 years kicking out good talented activists, just the sort of people you need across the country to help the Out campaign but replaced by talentless sycophants some of whom like Atkinson and Bashir having been selected on UKIP MEP slates thanks to Farage's favour have already deserted to other parties within one year. They are however on the EU gravy train which is  what they wanted leaving the hard work to the UKIP OAP foot soldiers.

Farage wants to grab the glory of leading the Out campaign but the Tories and others have said no way and rightly want an apolitical business figure. I would add to that an academic a historian not an economist plus a military figure like Tim Collins not a General. That would give Troika leadership better than Farage or a Tory.

Finally the DT says , " Farage will today call for his party to play a leading role in the deabate". Kiss of death for the Out campaign.

A very small audience. Crowther cannot organise a decent microphone so one can hear the questions from the floor. So typical of UKIP.

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