Saturday, 1 August 2015

Calais - time for serious action

It is by now abundantly clear that Dave's EU colleagues particularly Hollande have no wish or appetite to stop the flood of illegal migrants sitting in their Jungle camp, fed by misguded French charities waiting to enter the UK illegally. So much for the EU colleagues tackling real problems other than straight bananas etc. I get sick of the hot air and bullshit we are getting from our political elite, church leaders etc. None have put forward a single positive practical proposal. Its time to up the ante and put real financial pressure on the do nothing French authorities. Farage seems to want to start another European conflict by deploying UK troops in France. Every time Farage opens his mouth now he confirms what a shallow rabble rousing clown he is.

The political class are fixated on Dover to Calais but there are many alternatives and the way to break up this migrant stranglehold at Calais is to use alternative routes. Its simple. The prospect of all that cross channel trade leaving Calais.even temporarily would do wonders to concentrate the Mayor of Calais's mind. The trade might never return!

Other French ports include Dunkirk where our grandfathers were evacuated from, Dieppe & Boulogne.  In Belgium  Ostend used by Wellington in 1815 to communicate with London avoiding France, Also Zeebruuge  which now has sailings to Hull avoiding the souh East of England altogether  and the huge port of Antwerp. Then there is Holland with Rotterdam, the biggest port in the world by volume of traffic, Hook of Holland, Flushing, Europort etc  wonder how much solidarity the Benelux  dockers would show doing the trade re-routed from Calais? It would be good to know  so it can be incorporated into Dave's sham EU negotiations

The way to concentrate the EU colleagues minds is through their pockets. We have a huge trade deficit in physical goods with the EU let us restrict it. Sure it will hurt UK firms and workers but Dave has to show a little ingenuity to subsidise our firms for their and not the French. When the French dockers realise what is happening Hollande will get it in the neck! The Brits won't be there.

Lorries and ships are mobile, dock facilies are not but ports have always competed with each other for trade and that's what the EU is supposed to stand for!

Now what about the Eurotunnel? Simples load at Lille and don't stop at Calais.Only discharge going South  at Calais. Ah but the migrants will just trek to Lille say the  BBC bleeding hearts. Let them and use the breathing space to build proper defensive walls at the Calais rail terminal. Then switch back to Calais and keep on switching at random. Lorries move faster than migrants!

Then get smart, switch ports and do not give the migrants and the media for that matter a fixed target. If you have a huge edge in mobility use that asset as Napoleon did in his successful battles!

This is not going to be easy but it is workable with good management. Its time the Rolls Royce minds of the FCO did something to help the UK. It might transfer more trade up North in the UK and achieve far more than Gideon's fantasies about his Northern Powerhouse. Best of all it will flush out the inadequacies of the EU and those UK quislings in their pay.

Ships and lorries are mobile! Use that ability to outwith these economic migrants. Genuine asylum seekers should apply to the British embassy in Paris, Rome or wherever they are.. No UK or migrant blood spilt but the French bank account takes the hit.


Anonymous said...

good ideas. But this is an invasion. Most of these invaders came across the Med, many carried my HMS Bulwark. How stupid is that?
When are we going to start sinking or turning back the invaders before they get into the EU. And if they do succeed and get into Britain and are caught they must stay in prison until the are deported. No ticket to Croydon. No incentive to keep on trying.

Edward Spalton said...

Until Dave reduces the attractiveness of UK social and administrative provision for migrants to below that of the French system, the pressure will continue.

Of course, it is obvious now that Europe is being demographically invaded and colonised by this influx, as well as by the destabilising effects of large scale internal migration within the EU.

If you Google "Peter Sutherland House of Lords Immigrants" , you can find reports of this former EU Commissioner's evidence to the HoL Immigration Committee where he stated quite plainly that much more immigration was needed " to break up homogenous peoples" - the same motive which Tony Blair had in letting Third World immigration rip here "to rub the Right's nose in diversity" - in effect to elect a new people who, they calculated would be likely Labour voters. Nothing in their manifesto about it though! They have since admitted that they overdid it but made no suggestions of remedying the situation.

Sutherland is also non- executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs, former head of the World Trade Organisation and senior in the UN body concerned with migration. His evidence was given about three years ago, I think, but was still reported on the BBC website when I last looked. Funnily enough, UKIP took no notice of it at the time that I can recall.

The response of EU institutions and states to the problem has been to pass increasingly severe
legal measures, making it semi illegal for native peoples to object to the process.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree with you Anon, we are fighting a war to preserve our way of life and we have to operate on a war footing or lose.

I am sure you are right Mr Spalton the EU wants to create a European people by destroying our national identities. All mass imigration will achieve is civil wars.