Monday, 3 August 2015

Why Farage cannot play a leading role in the Out campaign

To win this referendum we must attract votes from the Left and Centre as well as the Right. Farage only gets votes from the UKIP faithful, his paid lackeys and when he represents a protest vote. That is why despite standing seven times in MP elections and spending a huge amount of UKIP's money on his campaigns the electorate have always chosen someone else. Farage only came second once!

The British electorate simply don't like him or see him as their MP. On the other hand BoJo, who also like Farage cultivates the anti-establishment image has been elected as an MP for two different constituencies and also of course as London mayor. People like BoJo, they don't like Farage and its as simple as that as NF likes to say. Diane James came close to becoming an MP because people liked her and found her the lady next door we would all like to have. Charlie Kennedy despite being an alcoholic was voted in several times with his cheeky chappy HIGNY image. So its not this image that stops Farage getting elected its simply he does not come across as a nice man and that is never going to change.

Farage is not a team player and if he is not leader spends all his time plotting against whoever is leader. Ask Roger Knapman. When Farage became leader his energies were then devoted to removing all possible rivals real or imaginary. He does not appeal to the over 50% of the electorate that are women. In short he is an unelectable egotist.

So whither UKIP? Douglas Carswell is clearly their best bet as UKIP representative on the Out campaign which as I opined recently should have a collegiate leadership group of less than five. Carswell is widely liked. He is able and is a team player. He is there for our cause and can attract wide support across the political spectrum and from both men and women. The sooner Farage steps down and Carswell is voted in as leader the sooner we will see a good Out campaign come together.

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