Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Greece shows why only direct, Swiss style democracy delivers what us plebs want

Tsipras stood and was elected on a no austerity ticket by the Greek people. He made several trips to Brussels and was wined and dined by the Euro elite, liked it and realised he would lose all this if he did not do as Juncker and his gang wanted. What the Greeks voted for in their Referendum was deemed of no consequence. Its the problem with representative democracy. You get what is good for the representatives not what is good for the ordinary people. Thus we end up with a political elite whose only interest is to line their owen pockets. Have you ever seen a poor MP? I haven't. They all seem to have at least two houses maintained at our expense.

In the EU its made worse by the composition of the EU civil service with its preponderance of French bureaucrats closely followed by the German Sir Humphreys. We come well behind even the Italians in the bureaucrat stakes. Yes Minister showed the truth of how easy it is for permanent clever bureaucrats fluent in 4 languages with their own agenda to outwit here today and gone tomorrow thicko British politicians who can barely speak English.

The Swiss have the best solution. Politicians work for 3 months paid by the state and have to support themselves for the other 9 months. Any contentious measure must go to a national or cantonal referendum if there is a petition with a reasonable number of signatures demanding the people be consulted. Needless to say the Swiss do not have a political elite only equal citizens. Can anyone name the Swiss PM or Finance minister? Of course not, it is the direct will of the people that matters.

It is cheaper to 'fix' or should I say 'bribe' 650 MPs  or 750 MEPs than to bribe millions of voters with child tax credits or whatever. Then bingo these paid mercenaries can be turned loose on their own people and there is even no language barrier. The blame sticks to these mercenary nmonkeys whilst the EU organ grinders remain to play the same tune another day.

Every adult Swiss keeps in his flat a military rifle and amunition. This serves as a powerful deterrent to over mighty politicians. Rather than banning fox hunting with dogs Cameron should legitimise elite politician hunting as a civic duty until we reduce that vermin population to where they can no longer damage the UK. (See today's Telegraph cartoon.)

Adams cartoon, July 15

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% - UKIP should not just be about getting us out of the EU it should be about radical change to take power from our politicians.