Friday, 17 July 2015

How many Jews work in the BBC?

Like Douglas Carswell I was not surprised that so many well paid employees of the BBC should sign a letter saying the BBC should be kept just as it is and presumably conitinue paying them huge amounts of licence paters money. These letters were organised by the BBC as Michael Palin confessed on the Victoria Derbyshire show. Click below to read:

It does not surprise me that the BBC do this. I have often tried to get information out of the BBC by FOI requests only to be told that as journalists they have a waiver from the FOI Act which seems to be very wide ranging to cover anything the BBC does.

According to Guido this letter writing was organised by one Danny Cohen, the BBC Director of Television. This set me thinking.

In 1966 my ex RADA thespian cousin who later styled himself a Queen of the Beeb got a job there. He was good company and invited me that summer to one of his dinner parties and I asked how his new job was going. He replied fine but he was shocked at the large number of Jews in the BBC. I was shocked at this as well. Jews are very rare in Scotland so from time to time I have inquired of the BBC what the breakdown of their staff is by ethnicity. I would also like to know how many Scots, Irish and Welsh work for the BBC but such information it seems is not for the public to know.

Most other public,  government and international organisations publish a breakdown of their staff by race, religion, ethnicity etc so why is the BBC exempt?

Some organisations such as the UN must recruit on a strict quota system to ensure fair representation. It is worrying Auntie thinks she knows better.


Hence we get the following

So a suspected paedo is possibly not questioned because of his religion/ethnicity just as Rotherhamm did not pursue girl molesters so as not to offendd Moslems. Sick making.          

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