Monday, 20 July 2015

Another UKIP Pseudo U turn

U turns are a UKIP/ Farage speciality. Resignations and sackings can be reversed at Farage's whim and now un not grubbing around after public money as Guido so eleoquently puts it . The latest concerns Short money, government funds for political parties with MPs, which Farage was eager to get his hands on but when Carswell pointed out it he would control any such funds Niogel threw one of his temper tantrums and on TV;s Question Time said UKIP would accept no money from HMG coffers, Nigel of course prefers to take his money from the EU where no audited accounts are krpt.

It is being spun as the UKIP NEC reasserting its rights as the supreme ruler of UKIP. Ho, ho!

Note that Farage's place man Crowther is to have joint control of the fund with Carswell. I wonder how that is going to work out.

Note also that UKIP unMP Reckless is also said to be employed  on public funds.

Confused? I am!

It all sounds like the final scene in Orwell's Animal Farm the political elite pigs and humans have a big party at public expense and the lesser animals, that's you and me, peek through the curtains and cannot tell the difference between the pigs and the humans or in our case UKIP and the Westminster political elite.

On more serious matters there is a good piece by Janen Ganesh in the FT on how the comrade  colleagues are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the EU colleague collleagues .

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