Monday, 6 July 2015

How will the EU & the UK handle the Greek No?

Beware the Greeks bearing gifts was the quip used to terrorise the Romans and refers to the Trojan horse episode in Homer's Iliad. The Greek gift is the sacrifice hard line Finance minister Varoufakis who has just resigned to placate the colleagues but will it suffice?

The accepted EU tactic in such cases is to demand reruns of the vote until the plebs agree with the colleagues. That is impossible with the Greeks so the normally vocal colleagues are staying stumn until the Dr Frau gives them permission to speak.

Our great leaders Dave, Gideon and the Canadian dwarf have also been silent whilst they figure out how best to use the Greek result to terrify the UK populace into voting to stay in. In Animal Farm the pigs whose leader was called Napoleon had spin doctor pig called Squealer who was good at explaining black was white to the plebs. Unfortunately Dave & Gideon only have the cartoon Roland Rat to explain their EUphilia but I expect a torrent of FUD to emerge from all EU phile orifices soon on the lines of do you want to end up like the Greeks. Well Yes I do. They at least have a PM and Finance minister prepared to stand up for their country and not make their people EU slaves.

In the French translation of Animal Farm the chief pig's name had to be changed from Napoleon to something less insulting to the honour of France.

The answer to my title question is neither the colleagues or Dave have any idea what to do next.

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