Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Excellent Farage speech in the EU talking shop

Click to see and hear his speech

This was an excellent summary yesterday by Farage of the Greek situation that any unbiased observer would not disagree with.

I agree with his comments on how the EU countries have not been forced together by the Euro, imposed by the EU elite against the will of the people, but now forcing the peoples of Europe apart. There is still a well justified resentment by the Balkans against the Germans because of their WWII  actions and if you go back a bit further to Napoleon French arrogance is also resented. The truth is they neither like or trust each other and every time one of the Brussels elite proclaims the non-existent benefits of the EU this distrust grows. People are not fools. They can see things for them are getting worse not better under the EU.

My real worry is that Franco Prussian arrogance will plunge us into another European war. Russia is a European power that won the last war in Europe. No amount of Brussel's hot air can change that and be in no doubt the Russian people are right behind Putin something you cannot say about Merkel, Holland or Cameron..


Anonymous said...

The ITALIANS were the first to invade the Balkans ,yet their involvement always seems to be conveniently forgotten

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you for pointing this out.