Thursday, 9 July 2015

US pressure Germans to concede Greeks debt relief

Germany has conceded debt restructuring to the Greeks. Clearly this is a result of the US worries that in extremis the Greeks could turn to Putin with Greece falling into the Russian sphere of influence and give the Russians access to a Med port plus a Med terminal for Russian oil and gas.

The Yanks are also worried about the EU activities in the Ukraine provoking Putin. I know how much the EU apparatchiks hate kow towing to the US. How often did I hear, European not American solutions to European problems. The EU needs a dose of reality. Russia defeated Hitler and his Panzers and the will defeat Juncker and his pen pusher army with ease.

As the Telgraph puts it:

Greece news live: EU bows to Washington pressure for Greek debt relief after Draghi says Grexit 'hard to prevent'

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