Friday, 10 July 2015

Just watched two sub standard UKIP MEPs

Thursday night on Question Time Louise Bours let UKIP down. I quote from Democracy Forum

"The Kathy Burke look-alike I saw wouldn't stop shouting across other panelists and even argued with and tried to shout down a questioner over nurses' training...

Sadly Louise Bours did not perform well, she was shouty and ill informed. For example she failed to counter the nurse who stated, rightly, that they do 'train on the wards'.

Louise Bours is a liability. The careful efforts of others wasted."

Today, Friday on the Andrew Neil show I watched William Legge aka the belted Earl of Dartmouth get Brillo'd for the same reason not knowing where the Libyan immigrants were coming from and also where the other groups trying to get into the EU originate from. Neil was clearly irked by Legge's abysmal ignorance of the facts.

It won't take much more media exposure of this pair for the whole of UKIP to get tarred with the same brush.


Niall Warry said...

If UKIP was an Army then it would a Dad's Army at best with those in command probably even worse than the Capt Mainwaring's of this world because at least his heart was in the right place while UKIP MEPs are just in it for themselves.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree, too many their for the dosh and personal vanity not for the cause.

Greg_L-W. said...


Ukip is no army!

Ukip doesn't even understand the importance of having a structure and leading by example.

Ukip has one thing in common with army - like the army in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya they haven't a clue why they are there, have no exXit strategy and repeatedly get trounced in any battle of consequence.

The army, like Ukip lacks Generals of competence, stature and consequence merely time serving in an alien environment they have little understanding of and convinced of the belief that victory is displayed by the number of votes rather than achievements of consequence.

Ukip like the Army has been duped and sold down the river with little or no idea of what irt is doing or why.