Friday, 14 August 2015

Corbyn can end the Spadocracy

If Corbyn can knock a hole in the Spad culture that dominates and corrupts our LibLabCon and now UKIP politics he will have done a great service to our country. I like and admire Corbyn as I liked and admired his mentor Wedgie Benn. I do not agree with their views but they have stuck to their principles over many years. They are in Benn's metaphor signpost not weathervane politicians. You know where you stand with them.

Better still they apply their public principles to their own lives.Corbyn claimed less expenses  than almost any other politician when the DT published the list of  MP's expenses claims over 5 years ago. He wanted to send his kids to the local comp his wife did not and they divorced with the wife getting custody and control of the kids as is inevitable in our famuly court system unless the wife has serious mental or drug problems. Wedgie Benn also sent his kids to the local comp, Holland Park in his case supported by his American wife. Not for them the do as I say not as I do of the LibLab political elite, Blair, Harman, Abbott etc times 100.

I see no difference between Burnham, Cooper, Kendal and Cameron Osborne etc. All Oxbridge Spads who have follwed the same political careerist route and avoided ever doing a proper job in business, education, law  or the military. They could switch sides with ease and fit as seamlessly into the Tory elite as they have done in the Labour elite They have no idea how ordinary people in this country think and live. The Tories are not as hypocritical as Labour who stand for privelege etc. Kendal even went to a selective Grammar school as did Mr Cooper Balls. They have forged fine careers and grown rich on the backs of the poor. They do not serve the poor they are in it to enrich themselves.

There are good guys in Labour who have done proper jobs and understand ordinary people and would be great leaders, Alan 'postie' Johnson from a working class background who is universally liked and admired. Dan Jarvis 14 years in the army from an ordinary school and Aberystwyth university then mainly in the Paras with service in Afghan and Iraq. Frank Field ex FE teacher, Kate Hoey, Gisela Stuart, none Oxbridge none former Spads but all in the best traditions of the Labour.

Johnson and Jarvis were asked to stand as leader. Both declined. Either would have scared the living daylights out of theTories. Instead we have three political careerists who will do and say anything to be leader and if elected would be indistinguisable from Cameron & Osborne in policies and principles. There is one decent honest bloke, Corbyn. He speaks clear English and avoids meaningless cliches like "hard working families" so beloved of Balls Cooper. Becauuse of that his obvious sincerity comes across to ordinary people. I hope he gets voted in.


L fairfax said...

" Wedgie Benn also sent his kids to the local comp, Holland Park in his case supported by his American wife."
Hardly a great sacrifice to send your kids to the local comp. Benn should have sent lived in a Labour run borough and sent his kids to a school run by Labour.

Eric Edmond said...

I don't know which party ran Holland Park but it was one of the first comp and seen as a flagship. My ex-girrlfriend taught Benn's sprogss circa 1968. I agree wih your point however. Power to the people!

L fairfax said...

Holland Park is in Kensington and Chelsea, I guess Benn was either a hypocrite who thought that it was great that Labour would never educate his kids or unrealistic and thought Kensington and Chelsea would become Labour

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, its a bit like Bojo, Miilband etc at Primrose Hill Primary plus Millibands I & II plus Onna King going to Haverstock Hill Comp which you can check out but might well be in Camden LA.

I used to share a flat in Primrose Hill c 1971 and it was full of ThamesTV producers so new money whereas K&C is old money. If anything just as expensive as Holland Park.

True socialists always live in grand houses!