Monday, 17 August 2015

Great Lies of the Political Class

I am an MP/MEP to serve my country. Bollocks! They are there for the money and the truth is most are so talentless  they are unemployable elsewhere. I had this line from Farage at an NEC meeting to which I replied Bollocks. Farage is a prime example of a politician in it for the money, in his case EU money plus of course a very large EU pension. When I suggested at a UKIP NEC we should not take up MEP places Farage and his sycos went berserk attacking me. I know just how Jeremy Corbyn feels!

I came into politics to make things better. Bollocks. They came into politics to make things better for themselves. This particularly applies to Labour MPs who make a very fine living off the backs of the poor. Thus Corbyn's chum Diane Abbott could send her son to the fee paying City of London  boys school which would be financially out of reach for 95% of her constituents and the 5% left would not have voted for her but the Tory candidate.

Nobody has ever seen a poor MP or MEP. Ask why the next time you meet one of these hypocrits.

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