Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why May went to Calais

I wrote in my blog of 1st August that it was time for serious action so why did May not go sooner?

I answer it with a story from my Civil Service says. I was asked to look at a test procedure so as was my practice I asked to attend the next test. When I pitched up I found the head honcho was also there. I greeted him saying I expect you have seen lots of these and to my surprise he said No that this was the first one he had been to and that he was only there becuse he had heard I would be there and he did not want me knowing more than he did of this process.

That is the same reason May went to Calais. She was informed that Cazalette, the French Interior minister was going so the French shamed her into going. She clearly did not want to go as she might have had to face a Mrs Duffy situation. Politicians hate having to meet real people!

Calais will run and run until Winter makes it too cold for the migrants.

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