Thursday, 24 September 2015

Enough of irrelevant UKIP, time for serious politics

It has long been my belief that the EU's hubris would bring about its downfall. Farage and his dodgy party of talentless self seekers are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The EU downfall may be coming sooner than anyone expected thanks to the migrant army now invading the EU from the East as the Visigoths & Huns did many hundreds of years previously.

The lead story in today's Times is headlined, "We're facing destruction European chief warns".
The chief is one Donald Tusk a Pole who is president of the European Council who warns EU leaders that the refugee crisis was just the begining and , "mutual recriminations and misunderstandings" could well precipitate the the unions collapse. There is an election due shortly in Poland something which is concentrating the minds of the  EU political elite. No renegotiation possible Dave until after the Polish elections!

" Today we are talking about millions of potential refugeees trying to reach Europe not thousands. It iss likely that  more refugees will flow towards Europe not less. Especially as almost all of them feel invited to Europe"

Mr Tusk did not mention who issued the invitation but it is clear he was refering to Merkel.

The East Europeans paricularly the Hungarian are deeply resentful of the EU decision to force unwanted refugees of a different militant religion upon them and alter the social cohesion of their country. Religion is imprtant and the Hungarians have a long history of having to fight Islam to preserve their country and Christian religion.

The current EU proposals are inadequate in Eastern Europe which is facing an Islamic invasion of millions. Its a war by weight of numbers and the longer the EU prevaricates the worse the final conflict will be.

There is a safe country with a Syrian border called Israel. How many Syrians will find refuge there? None! The Jews know that to let Syrians in will destroy their country which has had to be on a war footing against Islam since it was founded in 1948. The EU better learn that lesson quickly or we will all pay a heavy price.

Remember these are the same Syrians who 8 years ago burned down the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus because of some newspaper cartoons.  Political cartoons have been part of our culture for many hundreds of years.

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