Saturday, 26 September 2015

Cameron is Merkel's poodle

Merkel is afraid of dogs hence when Putin comes calling he brings his biggest fiercest hunting  dog to terrify poor little Mutti. Merkel however has a house trained performing poodle called Dave. Cameron is quite simply the third traitorous Tory PM we have had, Heath & Major were the other two signing our rights away under German pressure. Only the Iron Lady stood up for us on the world stage. Clegg's silly remark about walking tall on the world stage was of course a huge lie. Clegg crawled on his belly like a biblical snake to the EU whenever UK interests were at stake.

The extent of this kow towing to the Krauts of course never emerges in the EU or UK but in the US by such dynamic organisations as car pollution control. It is well known that the German car industry has the EU in its pocket but thank God for the Yanks that pillar of Anglo Saxon culture. Cheating the rules is accepted behaviur in the EU and it even now extends to the UK. But if you get caught cheating in the US, as VW have and British bankers before that then fines are heavy and gaol sentences common.

Two years ago our government was going to tightening up car pollution testing procedures. This was widely supported in the UK by consumer and health groups, the civil service and by the British car industry. This change was never implemented. Mutti Merkel phoned her poodle Dave and asked him to defer the introduction of these more stringent tests as they would be bad for the German (EU)  economy and there was the usual lie about it damaging UK exports to the EU. Well as I wrote two days ago if Cameron had bothered to ask for the UK EU trade figures he would have seen this was a lie. But Dave of course was like the pooch on the His Master's Voice record label did as he was told. The UK car industry were furious and several CEO's asked Cameron why he was standing up for the German car industry against the UK manufacturers? But answer came there none.

Its a pity there will be no PMQs next week. This is an open goal that even Jezza could not miss.

More importantly how can we have any faith in our PM to renegotiate better EU terms for us when he is plainly Merkel's running dog? We can't and Cameron will like Heath and Major before him sell us out for a mess of potage or should that be renamed Eton Mess in the New English Tory Bible..

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