Monday, 28 September 2015

No one is safe in Farage's blame game

I almost died laughing when Farage was asked by one of the great men of the media why UKIP had only managed to win one seat in the May general election. After the usual Farage huffing and puffing and looking he eventualy ascribed UKIP's failure to that Scottish woman! Unsurprisingly the SNP did not stand a single candidate in England bur this is a mere bagatelle when Farage is seeking someone to blame. It is laugable but I remember when UKIP failed in the Henley by-election  at the subsequent NEC Farage was quick to blame those of us from the SW region for UKIP's failure in Henley. When I pointed out to the supreme leader that Henley was in his South East region not my South West region I was immediately attacked by the place seeking Faragistas like Bannerman for disrespecting the cult leader.

So remember blame is always delegated in UKIP and the supreme leader is always faultless, D Carswell please note..

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