Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Corbyn & Farage

I just listened to a bit of Corbyn's keynote leaders speech today and I was struck by how similar it was in its delivery to Farage's standard conference speech. Both speak to the faithful and ignore the great mass of the British public.  Corbyn did not acknowledge Labour's May election disaster. Farage blamed UKIP's May disaster on Nicola Sturgeon. Both are clearly living in cloud cuckoo land. Until you see things as they are and accept reality there can be no hope of political progress.

This is very worrying for the coming EU referendum. UKIP has two decent alternatives to Farage, Carswell and O'Flynn. Both are articulate, clever and much smarter than Nigel. Both can reach out beyond UKIP in Carswell's case to the Gladstonian free trade tradition and O'Flynn garners support from the soft left voters. They are both less abrasive than Farage and with many less enemies particularly with women.

It would give the leave the EU campaign a far better chance if both Carswell and O'Flynn were prominent in the leave campaign and Farage did his performing monkey thing in Brussels along with his side kick Nuttall well away from the UK media. Its a sad indictment of our country but a Liverpool accent does not appeal to many. Andy Burnham comes from Liverpool and supports Everton like Nuttall but Burnham has lost his Scouse accent to progress  politically. Nuttall's accent if anything seems to have become more pronounced with the years.

On the female side Mrs James is very acceptable electorally to the UK public. Miss Evans is OK but I would go with Mrs James. Women MEPs like Louise Boors and especially Jill Seymour should be kept in the cupboard for delivering leaflets along with men MEPs like Legge and Coburn.

In short Carswell, O' Flynn and Mrs James ahould be the UKIP media face and  Miss Evans should coordinate the show overall including non-UKIP people. All can reach out beyond the UKIP faithful which is what we will need to wn the referendum. There will of course have to be others from different franchises, business, science and engineering and the arts but four is quite enough involvement  from UKIP.

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