Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Why mass immigration was not important for the political elite

Uncontrolled mass immigration is now top of  voters worries in opinion polls at 56% and rising. The next most important issue, the NHS is in the mid 30s and falling. For years immigration was ignored by the political elite partly for fear of being called racist, it was the BNP's major issue over these years. It is now unaoidable and easier to talk about following the BNP imploding as a political force. The second reason the political elite did not talk about immigration is a purely selfish one, it did not affect them or theirs!

Its not their kids who are all at 'good' ovesubscribed schools in expensive areas. if they are not at public fee paying schools, average fees £25k pa plus. Eiither way the political elites sprogs do not suffer from having kids who not only can't speak English in their class but speak many different lasnguages hardly a good basis for high educational standards.

This is of course no new thing. Shirley Williams and Anthony Crosland who wrecked grammar schools in the 60s for poor children were both educated at public fee paying schools  and sent their kids to fee paying schools. Even Jezza's  front bench black lady appointee Diane Abbott sent her son to City of London, a fee paying school which she could afford on her MPs salary. This of course is not an option open to 90% of Brits. They have to send their kids into the idiotic  educational mess created by our political elite whilst their own pampered sproggs go to good schools to be taught by the best teachers.

After 50 years nothing has changed.The children of the political elite go to at worst very selective schools like Blair and Harman's kids and who cares about ordinary poor kids.. No wonder we read frequent reports of a persistent widening gulf between kids from rich backgrounds and kids from poor backgrounds. You may say that's life but in my days in the fifties and early sixties the gap was very small and many working class kids like me went to the best universities. Not now with years of positive discrimination in against ordinary white working class male kids these children are a tiny minority.

People in council estates are not stupid. They know they will be the ones to get the refugees and asylum seekers with their large families living next door and competing with them for housing, education for their kids and health care. For the political elite in their Islington houses or leafy suburbs this might as well be on the dark side of the moon. Its a case of , "I'm all right Jack" and I'm going to Tuscany next summer..

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