Friday, 2 October 2015

Farage the Divisive on This Week

Farage's performance on Andrew Neil's This Week showed exactly why this petty, petulant, nasty little man can  never  lead a successful leave the EU referendum campaign. Click below to watch the full horror show with Alan Johnson leader of the Labour stay in campaign smirking like a Cheshire cat as Farage showed his true colours and incompetence,

It was Farage at his unedifying worst attacking those who want to leave the EU and leaving AJ of the stay in campaign unscathed. This was pointed out to him by Andrew Neil who asked him why he was divisively attacking those sympathetic to his campaign as snobby Tories, a folly Farage compounded by repeating the phrase at least four times, and leaving Johnson alone.

Portillo pointed out Farage's UKIP was at war with its only MP Carswell who is being smeared by Farage's EU paid syscophants. I, Del Young and David Abbott when on the UKIP NEC were similarly smeared by these EU paid UKIP low life with their snouts in the EU trough. Despite what Farage protests about the EU just follow the EU money that ends up in Farage's bank account and you will find the truth. Farage does not want to leave the EU. It has provided him with a very lucrative living both directly and indirectly these last 15 years

Portillo treated him like the petulant spoilt child he is with the phrase, "Oh diddums get over it, get over yourself" in the middle of another Farage rant against the Tories. Absolutely correct Mr Portillo but I say again UKIP is not a political party its a Farage cult which is well past its sell by date.

I finish by pointing out that two Farage proteges foisted on UKIP, Bannerman and Andreasen, went back to the 'snobby' Tories asap to escape Farage's political luntic ravings and that UKIP is where it is not just because  of Farage but people like Alan Sked, Roger Knapman, Alan Wood, Trevor Colman and many others.

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Niall Warry said...

Thanks for that as I missed it.

Yes Nigel Farage is one big divisive character with no idea of strategy to convince the undecided to vote to leave. In fact banging on about immigration/asylum which has little to do with the EU is a vote loser.

Also he is clearly thinking of life beyond UKIP, which he has only ever used as a tool to advance his own career.