Sunday, 4 October 2015

Thank God for the Russians in Syria

The Russians won WWII in Europe against Hitler and saved us.  They lost 30 million people in doing so 5 times the number of Jews killed by Hitler that we hear about endlessly from the Kosher media. Putin by supporting Assad who is no threat to this country and attacking ISIS and their felliow travelllers who are has brought a clarity to this war which the Old Etonian Cameron and the sordid Obama with his Guantanemo concentration camp have proved incapable of doing.  Wooly quasi liberal obfuscation is the life blood of Western politics. Putin does clear thinking which will benefit us hugely if he destroys ISIL.

Sure the Russians want to keep their warm deep water port on the Med at Tartus but if it keeps the gun toting Yanks in check that is no bad thing. Its called the balance of power a policy familiar to Palmerston and all UK Foreign Secretaries in the 19th and 20th centuries. Its not without is downside like WWI.

You can only fight one enemy at a time so choose the one which poses the greatest danger to your interests. Sure Assad is a nasty dictator but as Kissinger said and I am sure Putin will agree he is our nasty little dictatator.

Obama/Cameron/EU foreign policy in the Middle East has left a fragmented collection of failed states, Iraq, Libya etc. Time to butt out and give the Russians a chance. They can hardly do worse but I fear the Jewish lobby in Washington will be doing their best to fowl things up although I do not think Obama needs any help in cocking things up. He is very competent in the cock up area on his own but he can always call on EU back up to really mess things up.


L fairfax said...

"The Russians won WWII in Europe against Hitler and saved us"
It would have been over a lot faster if they had been fighting against him since 39 instead of only when he attacked them.
They certainly didn't save Warsaw from Hitler, in fact they stopped us from saving it.
"Declassified documents from Soviet archives reveal that Stalin gave instructions to cut off the Warsaw resistance from any outside help. The urgent orders issued to the Red Army troops in Poland on 23, August 1944 stipulated that the Home Army units in Soviet-controlled areas should be prevented from reaching Warsaw and helping the Uprising, their members apprehended and disarmed. Only from mid-September, under pressure from the Western Allies, the Soviets began to provide some limited assistance to the resistance"

If two men attacked me and then started fighting amongst themselves, I wouldn't feel grateful to the one who won.

If we had had the bomb in 39 we would have dropped it on Moscow and Berlin.

L fairfax said...

PS I agree with you about ISIS and Assad

L fairfax said...

One question of the 30 million Russians who died during WWII how many died while Russia was allied with Hitler? They lost quite a few fighting Finland which if anything helped Hitler by giving him an ally when he invaded Russia.

Eric Edmond said...

All a bit like Assad and ISIS and other anti-Assad militias that boy politico Cameron has supported and then changed sides. Still I suppose it gives him a break from his regular cannings from Merkel.

The Jews were a big problem to all governments in central Europe and probably still are so from a Russian point of view it was better for the Germans to be killing Jews rather than killing Russians.

Its not black and white Mr Fairfax. Look what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians right now.

Assad is no danger to us, ISIS is. Its called realpolitik.

L fairfax said...

I am not a fan of Cameron so using him as an example to make Stalin look good is a strange one.
Anyway the Russians did not lose 30 million people defeating Hitler. They lost 30 million people in WWII. Of which some died fighting with Hitler, some against him, some by the Russians own hand, some fighting the Finns who were anti Hitler until he attacked Russia.
We cannot say that the Russians saved us for Hitler, it might be that if they had not invaded Poland WWII would have been over a lot faster and millions would not have died.

I would say that most things are not black and white, however with the Nazi/Soviet invasion of Poland it was definitely evil versus good, two fascist states attacking a democratic one.

The Jews were not a problem for central Europe, Hitler just made that up.

Eric Edmond said...

Hiler fought in WWI as an ordinary German soldier and was seriously injured. At the end of WWI the German Army was not beaten and did not surrender. The ordinary soldiers felt they had been betrayed and fastened on the Jews as those who had sold them out as did Hitler. Before WWI there was Dreyfus, a Jew in Alsace Lorraine who was wrongly convicted by the French military. Jews were convenient whipping boys in many countries and I was very pro Jewish for many years until I saw how they behaved in Palestine to the Palestinians when supported by the US Jewish lobby they had the whip hand.

I also remember a long journey I took with a very experienced tough Irish newspaper man just after the Munich 1972 when the Palestinian Black September group captured and killed 11 Israeli athletes. His explanation of how the Jewish controlled press milked endlessly that was illuminating to say the least. Remmber led by Begin they killed 91 Britons in the King David Hotel in 1946. Now we don't read a lot about that in the Jewish Chronicle do we?

I guess I have followed the evidence post 1945 and it ia as my granny always said there are good and bad in all races.

L fairfax said...

Without the Haber process invented by a Jew the Germans would have lost WWI before 1918

Therefore German Jews played a critical part in keeping Germany in the war, Hitler chose completely the wrong scapegoat.
I agree with you about the Stern gang.

However if the Jews control the media why do we so rarely hear this gem from Hamas in the news?
"The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say, 'O Muslim, O servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.' Only the Gharkad tree would not do that, because it is one of the trees of the Jews."
It is not on the BBC website, if someone who was a member of UKIP said that it would be in the news for days.

Eric Edmond said...

Many Jews fought in WWI for France, Germany and UK.

Obviously most of the international the media is not under Jewish control but they are disproportionally present in the BBC and London print media and also the US TV and print media. Its a factor one should recognise when reading/viewing the news output of these organisations like the BBC rig QT audiences.

I was not aware Haber was a German Jew but I accept your word on that. At school we were taught it as the Haber Bosch process and certainly it was hugely important in German explosive production. i think both Haber and Bosch were given the Nobel prizes for their work. I guess Bosch did the chemical engineering. It sounds a bit like Penicillin which Fleming discovered but it was Florey that did the production process.

I don't speak or read Arabic.