Monday, 5 October 2015

Trans Pacific free trade deal agreed so where is the EU deal?

The Pacific deal was signed today after 5 years of tough negotiation between 12 sovereign Pacific rim nations including the US & Japan negotiating individually on their own behalf. It covers 40% of World trade.

The EU colleagues with their much vaunted klout have been trying for a similar deal with the US for more than 5 years and what has happened? Zilch. They are too busy squabbling with each other rather than getting on and negotiating with the Yanks. The whole deal had been hijacked by the German car industry. Post VW scandal its going to take a whole lot longer. So the Japs, Indians Malays etc forge ahead and we are left with the squabbling mid Europeans who cannot even agree a common language.

The EU philes rell us we cannot agree our own trade deals. How on earth did the Japs, Fillipinos Aussies etc  manage it? Answet, they did not have the colleagues to screw it up. .

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