Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hungarian Government gets it right Merkel is wrong to waive the rules

Politicians do not know their history.In 1529 the Turks beseiged Vienna and were defeated. The Turks tried again in 1683 and failed again. Vienna was one of the capitals of the Austro Hungarian empire the other was Budapest. I heard one Hungarian politician this morning say they were fighting to preserve their Christian culture as they were in 1523 and 1683. They do not want to be overwhelmed by Islam. They have beeen fighting this batlle for many hundreds of years. That Merkel thinks she can without EU agreement waive EU rules on asylum seeker registration shows just how much the EU is a Prussian dictatorship.

I saw refugees of the Sudanese civil war 25 years ago. The were poorly clothed and emaciated with no money. Those at the Budapest station today do not look like that. They are well fed, well clothed and have money to pay for their passage.  Hungary has offered them sanctuary under the EU rules. They are clearly mainly economic migrants seeking a better life. There is nothing wrong with that but to call them refugees or asylum seekers is just plain wrong. The emotional frenzy that is being whipped up by the media is wrong. These people should be treated and processed as migrants using EU rules on migrants..

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