Saturday, 5 September 2015

The UK has nothing to be ashamed about

It was embarassing to see my near neighbour Paddy Ashdown just returned from holiday slagging off David Cameron for how little the UK has done for the refugees compared with Paddy's fairweather EU colleagues for domestic party political point scoring. For goodness sake we give £12bn sterling annually to help third world development! I don't like the Tories either but Cameron is our PM and deserves our support in this matter and is much superior to the motley crew of mid Europeans the LibDems so admire. Cameron's policy of taking refugees from the Syrian border camps is clearly correct. Why? Because of their proximity to the conflict zones we can hope to establish which are genuine refugess and which are economic migrants. Once they arrive at Budapest or Calais its much more difficult to distinguish these groups.

I was glad to see Daniel Hannan making a similar point in a recent article

Its pretty awful when our left wing political elite kick our country all the time. Hannan makes some excellent points.

The piece is headlined by a photo of a group of MEPs and MPs on a fact finding mission to Scilly

It’s not always about us

It did not take sometime UKIP MEP and Farage protege long to get on the gravy train. He is of course like other Farage proteges now a Tory MEP.


From the UKIP website.

I quote from Hanaan's piece to give you a flavour of his theme

,"Rule One: It’s Always Our Fault. A Syrian boy drowns in Turkey trying to reach Greece? Britain’s fault! A boat bound for Italy overturns in Libyan waters? Britain’s fault! Illegal immigrants force their way through Hungary toward Austria? Britain’s fault!
It’s our fault for bombing Libya. It’s our fault for not bombing Syria. It’s our fault for propping up dictators. It’s our fault for toppling dictators."

I finish with a nice quote from a Peter Hitchen's piece on Chilcott describing where it all started with the great warmonger TB

"I will not believe they have understood what they did until two things happen: when Elizabeth Wilmshurst, the Foreign Office lawyer who resigned in a lonely protest against the illegality of the war, heads the honours list with a damehood and a GCMG; and when Anthony Blair gives every penny he owns to charity, including all those blasted houses, and goes off to spend his remaining years in a Trappist monastery, along with Alastair Campbell, who will be good at helping him keep his vow of silence."

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