Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ban EU from campaigning in referendum, 100 Tories to warn

Thus reads the headline in today's Telegraph

Well this is an improvement on 1975 when the Euro fnatics were allowed to buy that referendum with twice as much money and twice as much media space as those who wanted to vote down Heath's pathetic sell out of our country.

We hear a lot about the UN these days. Non-interference by external states in the domestic politics of another country is the founding principle of the UN. That was what Hitler did in Europe in the 1930s and led of course toWWII. Hitler exploited the grievances of German sympathisers and German minority populations as an excuse to interfere and eventually invade European countries. The EU is doing exactly the same using  Prussian economic power not military might to achieve its conquests. The result for the conquered will be the same. You can call it rule by the colleagues rather than rule by the SS/Gestapo but the effect is exactly the same.

Expect to see and hear lots on the media from the EU paid lobbyists like Roland Rat. These people take hundreds of millions of pounds of your money to promote the EU/SS. Do not believe a word they say.


Edward Spalton said...

I am reliably informed by participants that the financial advantage to in "in" side in 1975 was more like twenty to one. The European Movement was financed ( inter alia) by the CIA. The records of the operation from the early Seventies onwards are said to be available in Georgetown University.

Eric Edmond said...

You have better information than I have. It was a depressing period to live through when we gave our country into foreign control.