Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A win for the EU sceptics but the philes are still odds on to win Referendum

The EU sceptics did well last night to block the government from calling a referendum at 4 weeks notice, now 4 months notice will be needed, and bending the Purdah rules: Here is a list of 37 Tories who voted against Cameron's little scheme to 'fix' the referendum.

Adam Afriyie
Richard Bacon
Steve Baker
Guto Bebb
Peter Bone
Graham Brady
Andrew Bridgen
Bill Cash
Christopher Chope
Geoffrey Cox
Philip Davies
David Davis
Nadine Dories
Liam Fox
Cheryl Gillan
James Gray
Philip Hollobone
Adam Holloway
Gerald Howarth
Stewart Jackson
Bernard Jenkin
David Jones
Edward Leigh
Julian Lewis
Tim Loughton
Karl McCartney
Craig MacKinlay
Stephen McPartland
Anne Main
David Nuttall
Owen Paterson
Andrew Percy
Tom Pursglove
John Redwood
Laurence Robertson
Andrew Rosindell
Andrew Turner

A notable omission is the man we call in Somerset the Young Fogey, Jacob Rees Mogg. There will be others whom the whips have fixed. Note Farage's nemesis Craig MacKinlay voted against Cameron.

So they have queered Cameron's pitch and stopped him blatantly deploying the UK government civil service machine to support the remain in campaign. The problem is they cannot bind the EU which is not subject to British law and is 'controlled' by EU law but of course we all know its the other way round, the EU control the European judges.

The EU spends huge amounts of your money promoting itself in the UK with much of this money finding its way into the pockets of lobbyists like whom the BBC wheels out as 'independent' experts for comment on EU schemes.

Then of course there is the BBC itself with its blatantly EU phile agenda.

Its a huge mountain to climb. Our best hope is a photographic game changer close to the referendum date spread alll over the media like the poor Syrian boy's  body on that Turkish beach.

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