Thursday, 10 September 2015

Too many Jews in the BBC

Hearing of the Israeli PM's visit today reminded me of my deceased cousin's scomment on joining the BBC in 1965. He was a great Queen, his own words, and not easily shocked and was certainly not a racist but he was clearly shaken by the number of Jews in our national broadcaster. Some are visible on TV like Rantzen and Rosenberg but many are in middle to senior management commissiong the BBC output. The BBC of course supplies no breakdown of its employees backgrounds citing journalistic exemption. Its nothing like the John Buchan caricature of a Jewish financier in The Thirty Nine Steps. They operate at all levels and in all roles in the BBC.

Jews are just like everyone else. There are good ones, bad ones, nice ones and nasty ones but my point is that they are vastly over-represented in the BBC compared with other religous/ethnic groups. The BBC is our national broadcaster and its employees at all levels should represent the religous ethnic structure of the UK population if it is to reflect accuately the views of our nation.

This causes a big and self perpetuating problem. The BBC is unwilling to run pieces critical of Israel or publicise Israeli wrong doing viz the wall they have just bult to stop Palestinians getting to what may well be their own land. It is self perpetuating in that Jews in recruiting positions will recruit a disproportinate number of younger Jews to fill training posts. They are not alone in this. I know of several medical school specialities where the head of department appoints his former students as consultants leadin to the persistence of bad practice

The BBC is a much more serious case. It has long been clear to me that the Middle East and Jerusalem mayl be the trigger for the next World War. Oblective, unbiased comment from the BBC will be needed would do much to defuse the situation. You are less likely to get that from a Jewish dominated organisatio.

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