Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cameron's sham negotiation is a waste of time

Thus writes Simon Jenkins, no Eurosceptic, in the Guardian today

Cameron's policy is a typical piece of LibLabCon pull the wool over the voters eyes by pretending to do something but actual do nothing just like Wislon did in 1975. The deferent UK public will tug their forelock and vote for those they wrongly perceive as their betters, Lords, Ladies, Sirs and the BBC.  The best article Nigel Lawson ever wrote as an FT teenage scribbler was how to assess a company board. Start at 100 and deduct 20 for every Lord and 10 for every Sir/Lady and when it gets to zero don't invest ie strip out those their becuse of their titles who as Tiny Rowland.once said serve the same function as tinsel on the Xmas tree.

With the House of Lords growing exponentially and now approaching 1000 boards stuffed with incompetents are now more common than when Lawson wrote his piece. They used to only be able to wreck their company but now there will be a never ending stream of Europhile peers pushed by the BBC and  businessmen like Roland Rat who grow fat at the EU lobby trough and will destroy our country which belogs to us all not just the public school Bullingdon club.

Cameron does not need a referendum to repeal the 1973 European Communities Act but firstly he does not want to and secondly thanks to the likes of Ken Clarke he will not get a majority. Clarke seems to be ever expanding as if connected to an air hose and is a fine example of empty barrels making most noise. So Cameron has fallen back on the fixed referendum. Why fixed? Well Cameron is on record as saying he will vote to stay in the EU come what may.

Why do our political elite always suck up to the EU? Again its a way of keeping the deferential plebs in their place. Look what happens when voters get a real choice, Jeremy Corbyn! A man who believes what he says and acts accordingly. No wonder the massed elite of the LibLab Cons helped by the BBC pour vitriol on Corbyn at every oportunity. The have seen the entire Labour top brass wiped out in Scotland by politicians who act in accord with their beliefs and are petrified it will spread to England. Bad news chaps it has already spreadwith Jeremy gnawing at Labour and Farage gnawing at the Tories. Farage is less successful because he is such a patent rotter compared wit Corvyn who is patently honest.

I look foward to Mr and Mrs Balls, wee Dougie etc spending 5 years in the political wilderness,  I hope they will at some stage be joined by Gideon and David.

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