Thursday, 29 October 2015

I smell Ashdown's plotting behind the Lord's defeat of Osbornes planned tax credit cuts.

The Lib Dems are spitting blood after the Tories wiped them out in the West country. They clearly organised the Lords voting down the government proposals on tax credit changes. From P Ashdown down they hate the Tories. Nothing wrong in that but why prop them up when they need votes? Heath got through his1972 EC bill on the back of the votes of 8 Liberal MPs. Abstention would have seen the Bill defeated and our country would not be in the mess it is now in.

It was the same in 2010 when the put Cameron into Downing Street for a chance of getting their ample bums on the seats of Government limos. The always claim to act on principle but in fact the have no principles.

I hope next time they are totally wiped out from our country. Corbyn has more principles in his little finger than the whole of the Lib Dem party.

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Niall Warry said...

Your admiration for wee Nicola and Jeremy seems to have no limits!

Do either of them have any faults in your opinion??