Friday, 6 November 2015

Winston McKenzie another Farage disaster

I have been out of circulation for a while but by accident caught Farage extolling his UKIP is not a racist party line on Andrew Neil's Daily Politics, 48 mins 20 seconds into the clip below

Cunning Mr Neil wheeled on UKIP's Winston Mackenzie and gave him free rein on the topic of racism in UKIP. Winston duely obliged by recounting his personal experiences of this.

The smug Hartley Brewer woman, PPE Magdalen, Oxford could scarcely keep a straight face.. If you look earlier in the clip you will see her demolish one of last night's left wing protesters who dared call her sweet heart, Magdalen gels don't like being patronised by the plebs..  But undaunted Winston ploughed on. Oh dear with former candidates around like Winston around Ukip will find it difficult.

Winston's career is chronicled in the link below

Its certainly varied and the only party he has not at any time favoured with his membership is Labour but maybe Jezza will fix that.

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L fairfax said...

Actually he has been a member of Labour as well. He has accused quite a few people of racism in the past