Sunday, 11 October 2015

EU Titanic steams on

I thought Farage did well on Murnaghan this morning when he pointed out right now 52% of the great British public would vote to stay in. If however as a rider even if we cannot then control our own borders support for staying in drops to 36%. Publicity on what unlimited migration means for the poor in our country will ensure a leave vote. Its a one person one vote so the young person out of work has the same weight in this poll as the mega rich Branson or Sorrell or the three previous ex PMs whose record of cocking things up for the UK is unrivalled.

This is the message that has to be hammered home time after time. The philes will call this negative campaigning playing on the fears of the poor but let us be clear negative campaigning works. In the Scottish Referendum the stay campaign led by Darling was called "Fear" by those running the eventually succucess campaign. The political elite have no scruples about terrorising the poor and nor should we.

Cameron's four key demands published in today's Sunday Telegraph amount to nothing more than the status quo. It's a pretend renegotiation just like Wilson's in 1975,

Its the poor that will pay the price of unlimited immigration into the UK losing their jobs to immigrants along with their council houses, schools for their children and access to decent health care which incidentally is largely provide by UK trained junior hospital doctors not immigrants who can't speak English and whose claimed medical qualifications are seldom if ever checked.

The path into the UK is simple. Buy a forged Syrian passport in Turkey. Go to Germany and register as an asylum seeker and receive a German passport. The the whole EU including the UK is open to you so you can join Uncle Ali and Aunty Fatima in London and start claiming UK benefits..

I see the philes are still using the trade benefits we get from the EU. Its a lie. I reproduce the official UK figures below

Figure 3: EU/non-EU current account balance (Seasonally adjusted)

We are in balance on non EU trade but have a steadily increasing deficit with the EU. Add this to our EU budget payments of £20bn pa and you can see being in the EU is costing us £1 bn per week!

Truely we are on the Titanic heading for a giant iceberg. We need a 180 degree change of course which the political elite refer to as a U turn.


Just watched Farage with Andrew Neil adopting a Janus like Monty Python position supporting Judean Peoples Front and the Peoples Front of Judea. Farage's problem is as Nick Watt pointed out he loses more votes for our cause than he gains, the Marmite politician sysndrome. Farage has to realise its time to let go his dictatorship of the cause for the greater goood of the UK. He has to stand aside from direct involvement in either campaign. He can of course appear on platforms for both groups. There will be plenty of opportunity after the referendum has been won and we have voted to leave. Does anyone think the Franco Prussian empire will simply accept the decision of the British peope?

They have a long history of ignoring democratic decisions they don't like. The real battle will start if we win an Out vote and thast's where Farage will come into his own..

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