Monday, 12 October 2015

There once was a banker called Wanless

Had he still been alive today he would have been a strong candidate to head the "IN" campaign. He managed to allow RBS aka Fred the Shred's minnow bank to gobble up his much larger Nat West bank. But his record of business incompetence does not stop there. He then went on to direct the Northern Rock fiasco and was canonised by GPs for awarding them a pay settlement which gave them twice the money for half the work and enabled GPs to ditch all that evening and weekend call outs which used to intefere with their golf games. Click to read the DT obit.

or as the Guardian obit put it,

"In the financial services industry he was a high flyer who appeared to trip over at least two final hurdles, and in that sphere he may not be long remembered."

Never mind he made many GP's bank managers very happy.

Its a great pity he died so young as the combination of him with Stuart Rose who made a mess of Marks and Spencers, opened up M&S branches in France, shut down M&S in France would have been unstoppable.

PC boxes have been well ticked with Ms Sarpong, young, coloured, female, singer OBE quoted today as saying,  “way too dangerous” to leave the EU but better than Rose saying "being in saves everyone £480 million".

Thanks Stuart for some compelling arguments says Ms Sarpong

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Pure gold for the leave campaign.

For a fuller account of this shambles click below,

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