Thursday, 19 November 2015

More LibDem plotting on EU referendum votes at 16

Again I smell the scent of my near neighbour Paddy Pantsdown behind this latest unelected undemocratic Lords efforts to thwart the will of our democratic House of Commons. Paddy hates the Tories. There is nothing wrong in that but Paddy has been spending a lot of time up in London on Lib Dem political plotting.

Upset that his blue eyed boy Cleggy has been removed from government Paddy is by fair means or foul, trying to make things as difficult as possible for Cameron. The government will rightly not tolerate the Lords exceeding their constitutional powers set by precedent. This is inviting Cameron to reform the upper house or more likely clip its wings. Personally I am getting rather tired of these unelected Lord windbags who love only the sound of their own voices frustrating the will of the people as expressed through our MPs. This afternoon it was old Bakewell tart opining on the NHS. She has of course no relevant experience of work in the NHS as nurse, doctor, pharmacist. She is truely Baroness Windbag!

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