Monday, 23 November 2015

Heffer breaks the don't mention Enoch was right taboo

In a brilliant piece on Sunday, Heffer articulates the truth that dare not speak its name, Enoch was right on immigration as Paris proves. Click below to read

I will not paraphrase it as I cannnot improve on Heffer.

In the same edition,Janet Daley, not my favourite scribbler, writes an outstanding piece demolishing the morally bankrupt and now totally irrelevant EU project. Its a must read

concluding with what we have known for years, The EU is not fit for anything'

And what of the UKIP folk. Well there is a report in today's Times based on Matthew Godwin's latest book detailing how Farage is trying to knife UKIP's only MP Carswell with the help of his long time dogsbody Towler. This is pure Farage at his worst no wonder nobody ever votes for him as an MP.

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