Sunday, 29 November 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is right on Syria

Corbyn gave a very good account of himself on the Marr show today. He ran rings round Marr, not difficult, and avoided all the traps. Click below and fast forward in to see the interview

He came across as a decent honourable principled man speaking much common sense with the best interests of our people at heart. Cameron's argument boils down to we have to support our dodgy allies, France and the USA. I find Obama slimey and interested only in pursuing US domestic political interests and the same with Hollande. Both countries have of course missed no opportunity in recent years to denigrate the UK and its companies. Cameron should stick to defending UK interests.

Galloway gave a well informed virtuso performance on the Andrew Neil show exhibiting a real depth of knowledge of the Middle East that our Defence minister Fallon clearly lacks. He nailed Turkey's PM Erdogan as the cause of much of the trouble in the Middle East  not just for his ill judged shooting down of the Russian plane but also as the conduit enabling ISIS to sell stolen Syrian oil to finance their terrorism.


Anonymous said...

An interesting read in support of your excellent post.

I'm afraid we will go blundering in there.

What follows is any bodies guess.

Eric Edmond said...

Anon, thank you for this. What is deeply concerning is that the EU want to give Turks unchecked access to the EU and therefore the UK.

Wait till ISil capture RAF pilot/navigator.