Thursday, 3 December 2015

Labour's grandees have f***ed their party for a generation

The 66 Labour MPs who voted in support of Cameron's lets bomb Syria motion have f***ed their party for a generation. The SNP all but wiped them out Labour in Scotland by labeling them, the "Red Tories". Now their grandees have confirmed that label as correct. In contrast the SNP spokesman Stuart Hosie presented a reasoned critique of Cmaeron's silly motion  and gave a clear plan of how to hurt ISIL without risking civilian casualties and what to do afterwards. It sounded like sound common sense to me. Click below to listen to his Marr interview last  Sunday.

Sure Hilary Benn made a fine speech. I listened to his father make many fine speeches but they had no effect outside the Westminster bubble. It was one of the Emperor Augustus's favourite sayings, "Fine words butter no parsnips". Labour need a new set of grandees who live and work in the real world of ordinary people. Beckett, Mrs Balls Chukka etc just don't cut it with us plebs. They all live a cosseted comfortable life at our expense.

One of the many things our political elite did not mention is, what happens when a RAF plane and its crew ends up in ISIL hands? I hope it does not happen but if we are there for any length of time its an odds on certainty. A similar situation finished Jimmy Carter as US president. I guess Obama may be lucky enough to leave before the sh1t hits the fan but Cameronis there for the next 4 years so his chances of escape do not look good. Teflon Tony he is not.

PS Listen to Alec Salmond's take on Benn's speech


The Double Event said...

Labour may or may not be f***ed for a generation, but the evidence from the Oldham by-election is that Farage is f***ing his party forever, unless steps are taken without delay to remove this serial loser from the fray with equal permanence.

Farage is not only a serial loser but a bad loser, as usual whinging and whining "it's not fair!" like an eight year old spoilt brat who's just lost his game of marbles in the schoolyard, instead of looking in the mirror and recognising the real reason why he keeps losing so badly - himself.

Ah well, at least we're coming to see why he enjoys such an allegedly prolific love life - it's because he's good at coming second. (Joke used with apologies to the writers of Spitting Image who first used it about the SDP-Liberal alliance many years ago).

Eric Edmond said...

I wrote before the by Oldham by - election result was out. I like the coming second joke!

I agree about Farage it was clear from my brief time on the NEC that nobody would ever vote for Farage in a serious election that mattered. That of course is why he must have nothing to do with the EU referendum campagn.

To win serious elections needs excellent campaign management. Farage is in love with himself and does not have a clue how to organise, manage and run a campaign.

I was glad to see Mrs James on the AN show last night speaking for UKIP. She came closest of all in Eastleigh to winning a Westmnister seat and if Farage had kept a lower profile she would have done so. She is the sort of presentabble lady voters like and will vote for. Farage looks and sounds like Arthur Daley.