Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Nads tells it how it is: Osborne for PM over her dead body

Look, George Osborne has spent the last ten years giving out sweeties to Conservative backbenchers, Labour Party people do it running for leadership as well. Sort of buying the friends, giving out the jobs. He’s run out of jobs to be able to give to people. He’s spent ten years buying votes on the backbenches, and the frontbenches too because he’s made those people into positions, so that one day they will vote for George Osborne to be leader. If that happens then I think what we need to do really, in all parties, is look at how our political system works because I don’t think it’s right that anybody of privilege should be able to come into parliament and use their privilege and their education, their background, in order to secure their career progression into the role of Prime Minister in the future. Because if George Osborne becomes Prime Minister, that is how he has done it.
JC: Would you leave the Party at that point?
ND: Well, we may have this discussion another day Jo.

Nads calls a posh boy with lots of inherited dosh what he is on today's Daily Politics.

Click above to hear it straight from the horses mouth.

The Labour woman Jess Phillips  was refreshingly straight as wel.

Add in Donald Trump and one wonders are politicians starting to tell a tiny bit of the truth?

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