Friday, 13 November 2015

Nuttall - another UKIP useful idiot on QT

I seldom watch QT with its rigged audience preferring Andrew Neil's later show  but as he was cancelled due to our hard working MPs being on holiday whilst Dave sucked up to rather unpleasant Indian gent I decided to watch it. It had the usual politically correct sex changeling seated next to UKIP's Liverpool scally Nuttall, aka God's gift to the BBC, the gift that keeps giving. Sat at the far right place on the panel, UKIP's usual spot, it was easy to see PN thumbing through his crib cards so he knew what to say and try to cover up his lack of wit and knowledge. Trouble was even with his crib cards he did not read them out very well.

The there was the usual Labour motor mouth woman, Lucy Powell who masterminded Ed's electoral disaster in May. Sajid Javid, Tory,  was on a sticky wicket on the NHS which seemed to be the thing the audienced wanted to talk about with a GP and a mother of two med students/ junior doctors in the audience there to berate the beleagured  Mr Javid. The only funny bit was when a very good looking female medical student said she would be off abroad asap but was flatenned by a working member of the audience reminding Dr Bimbo to be that it was the tax payers who were funding her expensive training and did she not owe us something.

Stig Abel of the Sun who is a regular on Sky's paper evening review was the only member who connected with the audience and who could martial a cogent argument.

Overall a complete waste of time brought to you by the BBC's  hardworking leftists and homosexuals as David Frost used to say on TW3 but that's what you pay your licence fee for!

There are lots more UKIP useful fools waiting in the BBC green room.

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