Sunday, 15 November 2015

Terrorism works

Peter Hitchens has written a very good piece on the Paris attrocity urging thought before action. Click link below to read it.

Thought before talking to the media would also help but this is something our politicians are incapable of doing. We will get endless pledges to hunt down the perpetrators, wage war on terror blah, blah blah. Nothing will change and the terrorist demands will quietly be met and the victims forgotten. This is our history of dealing with the murderous IRA  whom the great war monger Blair caved in to.

We have given up the rule of law  for political expediency and we now have the nauseating spectacle of a retired British private soldier aged 66 being pursued by the ploice whilst IRA murders strutt in the coridors of power of our land.

Terrorism works becuase it hits the political elite either personally like Airey Neave or in the ballot box. The minister who terrified the IRA most was Roy Mason 1976 to 1979 who simply applied the  full force of the law to pursuing the IRA and was winning. In 1979 Thatcher's man Atkins came in and the good work was all lost.. We showed ISIS how to do it.

ISIS has learned this lesson well and know that the US, EU and UK  will cave in to them eventually. Only Putin has the back bone to stand against them. It is interesting that the sordid Obama has now to go cap in hand to Putin to support his latest war on terror. Putin knows his history. The US lose their wars on terror and Putin does not want to be seen with losers.

Also in the Mail today there is a piece by historian Michael Burleigh, headlined

British Muslims are not neutral by standers We are at war and they must join us.

Naive!. Muslims are controlled by a strong clan structure. The cannot oppose Jihadis. To do so would be to side with the infidels or Crusaders  and be totally cut off from their family and clan. Their loyalty is to their clan whose head may well reside outside the UK. Londonistan is but a growing colony for these people. We are being invaded.


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Niall Warry said...

I totally agree Peter Hitchen's column on Sunday was very good indeed.