Saturday, 19 December 2015

Carswell, Farage, UKIP & the EU

UKIP is a Farage worshiping cult. That's the way has set it up over many years as a vehicle to enrich Nigel and by preferring people of little talent he has ensured no efective opposition to his rule and by his control of the EU funds won in European elections  by the efforts of the hard working poor, often pensioners, ordinary party members he has ensured contol of his cult through highly paid sycophants in all the key UKIP posts. .

Farage has never wanted to get us out of the EU. That was obvious to me within two minutes of meeting him. For a man of such limited talent he makes a very easy and very lucrative living out of the EU. It massages and gratifies his huge ego but  neither he nor the UKIP faithful see how he is manipulated and controlled by the EU at every turn. The EU are past masters at controling politicians.

Carswell is an honourable intelligent man who joined UKIP to try and get us out of the EU. He has now seen through Farage and knows Farage has to go as UKIP leader if the leave the EU movement is to  have any chance of succeeding. Farage's demise is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to get us out of the EU.

Carswell thought he was joining a regular political party. What he said about the leadership re the  recent Oldham by-election loss would not have raised a ripple in the the Conservative or Labour parties. But in the Farage UKIP cult no criticism of the leader is allowed.

Its a simple choice. For our country to get back its independence Farage has to permanently step down as UKIP leader. Who should replace him? The person who is acceptable to a wide range of voters is Diane James. She has the added advantage of being a woman opposed by the Bullingdon club hooray Henrys. That will be worth a million votes in the Referendum if spun correctly.

Look who Farage has put in as UKIP leader in Brussels - Nuttal the scouser. Who are Midlle England going to vote for in the Referendum, Mrs James or Nuttal? The referendum will be won and lost in the middle ground. Only Mrs James can reach out to that constituency. Farage and Nuttal will  ensure votes go to th stay in campaign.

Note also that Farage has kept control of the EU funds to pay his sycophants by remaining as leader of  the EFDD group. That is one of the ways the EU controls UKIP. But we will also be controlled by the EU via its propaganda arm, the BBC.

Our best hope is for the EU to create at least two more major cock ups. They will antagonise Putin at some stage sooon I hope. Remember what happened to Napoleon and Hitler and let us hope a similar fate befalls Merkel and Hollande.


The Double Event said...

The EU is indeed a lucrative little earner for the vile Farage. As you have so rightly said so often, Dr Eric, whenever you want to find out what this nauseating little toe-rag is up to, just follow the money.

And so it has come to pass yet again. A potentially very damaging story is emerging, concerning an altercation in a Brussels pub (how many Farage-related scandals revolve around a Brussels pub?) between a UKIP member of Asian descent called Joshua Duroch and a staffer for the Swedish element of Farage's fascist friends who prop up his European Parliament cash cow, the EFDD Group.

It seems that the Swede, one Joel Ankar (surely as fine an example of rhyming slang as you will ever get), started addressing Mr Duroch as "untermensch" - an old Nazi term meaning racially inferior.

Mr Duroch, not unreasonably, took exception and complained to the European Parliament, which has now begun an investigation. As a result, the Swedish goose-steppers are threatening to pull out of the EFDD unless Mr Duroch withdraws his complaint. That would collapse the group and turn off the tap to all those lovely euros. With almost laughable inevitability, this is the point in the saga at which Farage comes in.

Farage got his EFDD henchman, Irish republican sympathizer Herman Kelly, to put pressure on Mr Duroch to back off. Perhaps Kelly has had lessons in persuasive techniques from his old friends back in Belfast. Whatever, Mr Duroch is made of sterner stuff and is refusing to be cowed.

As a result, Fleet Street has now got wind of the mounting scandal:

The Double Event said...

This all follows a dismally familiar pattern. We've been here so many times before and the reason is always the same - Farage is so greedily entranced by the temptation of euro-millions on offer from the institution he pretends to oppose, the European Parliament, that he will do anything to get his hands on the cash. This means that at the start of each five-year term in Brussels, he scraps around shamelessly and desperately to cobble together the latest incarnation of his wretched group, being prepared to do a deal with just about any vile euro-extremist (including some who are extremely pro-EU to boot) who will sign on the dotted line, the only exception being Marine Le Pen, because she would be a threat to his status as group head honcho and therefore to his control of the purse-strings.

The consequence of these unseemly manoeuvres is that Farage always only does just enough to keep his squalid little Brussels empire intact, meaning that he spends the next five years forever under the shadow of blackmail from these appalling people, each of whom can pretty much be as extreme as they please, in the knowledge that Fuhrer Farage can't throw them out or do something which provokes their voluntary exit, or his precious group will fall short of the numbers demanded by the rules and collapse.

In each five-year term, there has usually therefore been at least one such crisis threatening the existence of the Farage European Fascist Empire or whatever rather less accurate name it has given itself for those five years, and in every case it is Farage who has turned a blind eye, looked the other way, done his disappearing act, caved in, backed down, lost his spinal cord, put his euro-millions over his principles, basically done whatever is necessary to keep his shameful alliance together.

In the last European Parliament, we had the Borghezio affair, when another of Nige's fascist friends (Italian in this case) praised Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer. On this occasion, the opprobrium was such that Farage had to say something, but having said it, he then went away for the summer and never said anything again, after the Italians had laughed in his face and openly said in their domestic media that if Borghezio was thrown out, they would all walk out with him and, you guessed it, collapse the group.

That was the moment Farage sent out the message to every vile European extremist in town that they could say what the hell they like inside his group because he was willing to be held to ransom for the sake of his grubby goddam euros.

If, on the other hand, you are a decent member of the party back home that Farage purports to lead - what's it's name again? Ah yes, UKIP - and you object to something in a way that comes between Farage and his precious Brussels group, then God help you, because you will find that he will be as viciously ruthless with you as he is timidly spineless with his euro-fascist bedfellows. Mr Duroch is but the latest in a long list to discover this.

Eric Edmond said...

Double Event,

You are much better informed than I am on the Brussels scene. I was quite close to Trevor Colman for som years but that cooled after Trevor became an MEP and he brought in Julia Reed who is decent and honest but less perceptive than I and Del Young were about Farage. She will keep her head down and not challlenge or be a rival to Farage in any way.

Part of my job with the BoE was City liason. In almost 6 years I never met anyone who knew fARAGE. I conclude his claims of a successful and lucrative City career are pure fiction.

Carswell strikes me as decent and honest. The smears he is now getting as reported in the Daily Mail are something everyone whom Farage perceives as a threat gets, me Del and many before me. He used Bannerman to compile the dossier against me. Del and I both knew Bannerman and Andreasen wnted to join the Tories but Joe UKIP could not see that.

UKIP's only hope is to get Farage and his despicable crew out and let Carswell & Diane James take over but it will take a major financial scandal to bring this about.