Tuesday, 22 December 2015

EU warmongers

One of the many big lies from the EU is that it has kept the peace in Europe since its founding on 1st Jan 1958 as the Common Market. A typical piece of EU propaganda claiming credit for something good they did not do. Peace in Europe came from NATO founded 4th April 1949 an Anglo Saxon construct and therefore anathema to the Franco Prussians. The most recent European conflict in Bosnia was of course settled by NATO. The EU was not involved.

What did happen was the French, De Gaulle, and Germans, Adenauer signed a pact in 1963 to stop fighting each other and gang up on the Anglo Saxons, the US & UK as much as possible plus of course the other smaller nations of Europe. This was very much business as usual for the Franco Prussians who had been duffing up small European countries for many hundreds of years.. These smaller countries, Belgium, the Nordic countries etc, had previously looked to the UK as their natural protector. They have obviously forgotten the many times France & Germany have invaded and trashed their countries.

The French and Germans also had a go at Russia in 1812 and 1942 and lost badly both times. Unlike the mid Europeans the Russians have never forgotten the damage done to their country by the Franco Prussians, 30 million dead in 42/45 in what the Russian chess players I knew always called the Great Patriotic War. Putin sees the EU as the new Franco Prussian empire. He will rightly not tolerate such an empire on Russsia's border with the Ukraine. If the EU persists in its expansionary policy in Ukraine we will be dragged in to a a European war again. It is the  major reason in my book why we should leave the EU.

Russia was the country that won WWII in Europe, not the Yanks. We have all recently seen how their rocket technology was good enough to put Major Tim up to the International Space station. Thhe Yanks do not currently have a rocket capable of doing this. Russia also has formidable tanks, aircraft, submarines and rockets. How many tank divisions does JC Juncker have?

This Brussels controlled EU border force of 2500 men outwith national control is a recipe for starting another war when it comes up against the Russians in Ukraine, Turkey or Syria. The Russians will win hands down and the EU will via NATO go running to the US. The Yanks have to say No.

The EU has to find out that kicking around Greece, Spain and the rest of Club Med is one thing but when they come up against the Russians its the EU that will quite rightly take the kicking so let us hope we keep out of it.

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