Wednesday, 23 December 2015

EU Philes wheel out their big guns and change tactics

Major, Clarke Heseltine and Hague have been wheeled out on high profile TV shows in the last few days to support the 'In' campaign. Clearly the Tories think Dave needs all the help he can get. All four carefully avoide getting involved with the nitty gritty that effects ordinary people arguing that the EU is obviously a good thing  and for the UK to leave would be the end of the world as know it plus of course mass unemployment and industrial disaster. As we scarcely have any manufacturing industry left the latter is a bit of a hollow threat so they fall back on the Armageddon senario to scare us into the arms of the EU. It is depressing like the scene in Orwell's 1984 dealing with how only Big Brother can save the plebs. It is of course complete rubbish and simply scaremongering.

The change of tactics aka a vote of no confidence in Dave, is well described by Reuter's jorno Michael Holden. I give the link below.;postID=6833536568920808272

The most telling quote from this piece comes from Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think tank who said

"Hague was well respected in the party and noted his comments, coming days after Major, could be designed to move the debate beyond Cameron's tricky drive for EU reform."

"There will be a transition from saying 'I want to reform the EU so it will work better' to saying 'the EU is a good thing in itself'," he told Reuters. "It's no coincidence that Major and Hague have come out in this way."

"Despite the EU's many failings, he said, it provided stability for fragile democracies in central Europe. It would also not be in Britain's interests for the bloc to fall apart with such volatility in the Middle East and the world's economies"
This is not within the UK's power. It is only the ruling EU elite, Juncker, Merkel, Hollande that can reform the EU to try and achieve these laudable aims but they cannot see past their own political self interesr, VW cars, CAP and a political power grab.
It is fatuous for our Europhiles to argue we can change these politicians views which are governened by the simply fact that their re-election is paramount as it is with all politicians. Good things come last!

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