Sunday, 3 January 2016

Cameron is way out of his depth in the recent floods

Dave the generous has offered £40 million to repair the recent flood damage. Its a sick joke. It will cost billions to make any impact on restoring flood defences but that sort of money is reserved for Johnny Bent Foreigner in our overseas aid budget. They get £12 billion to bolster their Swiss bank accounts That;s 300 times what we get to repair our flood ravaged country! Flood relief begins at home Dave green wellies are too posh so get me some pleb's welllies quick..

Speaking of green wellies I remember seeing Oliver Letwin,  old Etonian wealthy Jew Boy, Dorset MP who told Maggie there was no point in trying to help West Indians as they were all anti social drug dealer disco club club promoters/ Letwim turned up at the big Melplash Dorset Agricultural Show with not only the green wellies but the Volvo Estate and black labrador pretending to be an English country gent. It all fell apart when Ollie tried to get on a horse with little success. Hence they had to get another kosher boy for Lily in Downton Abbey.

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